Heidi Ukkonen, born in 1980 in Stockholm, Sweden, is an artist whose captivating paintings construct a mesmerizing utopian world. Her artworks resonate with a compelling narrative, depicting characters immersed in imaginative everyday scenarios that blur the boundaries between reality and the fantastical. 

The artist’s brushstrokes expertly reveal the intricate interplay between figures and their environments, offering a playful distortion of contemporary animations within modern society. Her artistic expressions transcend traditional boundaries, seamlessly blending diverse textures and materials to create almost sculptural pieces.

Heidi’s creative process is an ongoing exploration, fueled by a perpetual quest for captivating structures to unveil. Influenced by her formative experiences at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and inspired by the profound artistic legacies of Guston, Matisse, and Bosch, her artwork resonates with explosive bursts of color and humour, igniting contemplation and amusement. Heidi navigates the intricate balance between emotions, carefully moving between humour and melancholy, optimism, and despair. Her artistic journey invites viewers into a world where the ordinary takes on an extraordinary and unusual form. From the unconventional emerges beauty, and within pain lies the chorus of laughter. Her paintings stand as an invitation to explore the enigmatic landscapes of her boundless imaginat



Royal Academy of Fine Art Antwerp (BE), Master of Fine Arts, painting


Royal Academy of Fine Art Antwerp (BE), Bachelor of Fine Arts, painting



Kunstpodium T, Tilburg (NL) − Cowboys and Aliens: Koen Taeslaar, Kristen Dirkx, Mila Xinyue, Ralf Kokke, Jóhanna Kristbjörg Sigurðardóttir, David Noro, Heidi Ukkonen
Overamstel Uitgevers, Antwerp (BE) − No Sweat: Benny Van Den Meulengracht-Vrancx, Aurelie Salavert, David Noro, Amber Andrews, Felix de Clerq
GIFC, Antwerp (BE)


Showhouse Jay Jay, Antwerp (BE) − Bob’s Your Uncle: ABC-Klubhuis, Coen Vunderink, Diana Roig, Hannelore Vandepoel, Helene Meyer, Pieter Jennes, Victoria Iranzo, Victoria Parvanova & Ime Su Ozbilge
Showhouse Jay Jay, Antwerp (BE) − The Ball Is In Your Court: Guy Vording, Warre Mulder, Denie Put, Lysandre Begijn, Annea Lyvv Dreisz
Showhouse Jay Jay, Antwerp (BE) − Screw your courage to the sticking place: Jack Davey, Maartje Folkeringa, Ralf Kokke, Robert Roest, Emilia Ukkonen & Heidi Ukkonen



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